Have you ever wondered why we drive what we drive?

Have you ever wondered why we drive the cars we drive? Why do we, the young, have a specific car that we want to own in the future?

A study by CNBC showed that particular interests of car buyers in developing markets were fuel efficiency, resale value, proximity to service stations(garages), affordability of parts and low service costs. In interviews conducted by Business Daily, Miss X’s top 3 reasons for buying her car were: safety for her children, price and financing, and fuel efficiency. Mr Y, on the other hand, stated that his reasons were performance, fuel efficiency and ‘how the car made him feel’ — status, adding that a vehicle is a man’s brand and he must choose wisely.

Kenyans generally drive more SUVs and station wagons than sedans, as evidenced by data collected by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics KNBS.

This is majorly owing to the reasons stated above: fuel efficiency — an introduction of fuel-efficient SUVs such as the Mazda CX-3 has been much to the liking of Kenyans, Prestige — offered by German brands and the Toyota Land Cruiser, a popular must-have for Kenyan elite and availability and affordability of spare parts — a reason for stellar Japanese sales in Kenya.

90% of Kenya’s fleet is imported, and what this means for our market trends are that they are imported — we follow global trends. While we may want to drive in consideration of global standards, let us in the future lookout for locally assembled SUVs, which will continuously create jobs for our population is a large automotive supply chain.

Performance, Prestige, Fuel efficiency, availability and affordability of spare parts!

Data Source: KNBS

Author: Joseph Ongaki